Petition – Protect Drone Innovation in Europe


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The EU’s European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) recently drafted the UAS Prototype Rule, which harshly targets the (DIY) drone community. In short, the rule would destroy Europe’s recreational drone market, by prohibiting the majority of custom assembled drones. Major manufacturers and corporations would benefit, while startups and small businesses would fight to survive. Innovation and creativity would be stifled, and our next generation would lose a valuable opportunity in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

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New EASA Drone Regulations – Threaten to Kill UK and European Drone Industry

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How does the UAS Prototype Rule affect you:
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  1. Answer to EASA
    As to your proposal for UAVs regulations – I give you my present
    proposal and draft of an answer for reviewing purpose, as it follows:
    It is simple – there is no common sense – there is your goal and related
    law-based deception – you want to criminalize hobbyists for making use
    of 0-100m airspace for the one good reason. You want to grant this
    airspace to corporations and their commercial "drones". Your masters do
    not need competition or problems there. This is done by lobbyists to
    secure their future "profitable" market.
    Saying, that this is disgraceful, disgusting is not enough … this is
    shameful and proves how fascist, hating respectable people,
    double-standardized, corrupted and ignorant EU is. You mess up creative
    model-builders, wonderful people with toys users, you merge in your
    ignorance UAVs and RPAs. You ignore organizations as DMO. You simply do
    not care for the annihilation of
    more than 100 years of this hobby on European continent while proposing
    some jokes – related to pathetic 250g limit! WHO ARE YOU?! For that
    matter China and Russia is a room of FREEDOMS! Yes! Check their
    regulations! That is to say, EASA could copy and promote solutions as
    they are in Germany – well solved problem – 5kg limit and 100m up.
    Unfortunately it will not please your
    corporate-world masters. Ye cursed!

  2. Agree full what you have commented on. I have hap a small electronics lab in my shed and I have just just started my first drone. I am enjoying the build and more so when I get to a stage of testing setting things up testing then flying. I have signed the petition using Simon Dales links. I think the EASA have the wrong end of the stick as thous wanting to do wrong will always do so no matter what regulations are in place. All this will do is effect the ones that want to fly safe and enjoy a new area and technology. I only hope MPs MEPs and the EASA wake up and start embracing the drone communities no matter if they are in clubs or not and help us by opening safe zones to fly like closed at night time concrete car parks. We want to fly safe but want to fly, the way the EASA are going is not the way.

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